Traffic Survival School
The cost of the course is $150.00

Pre-Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
If you decide to pay on the day of class, please bring a Cashier’s check or Money order when you attend.
For Classes Valley Wide: (480) 857-4000
(602) 297-2200
Outside Maricopa County: 1-877-857-4414 Fax: (480) 240-1322

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What to bring to class:
If you did not pre-pay, money order or cashier’s check for $150. Your MVD letter and driver’s license. If you were Court Ordered to attend traffic survival school, please bring the Court paperwork.

Need to reschedule my class?
Absolutely! Give us a call, or send us an email to or simply sign up again online (with a comment depicting which class date you originally signed up for).. You can view our list of classes at to decide which class you would like to be rescheduled in.

What is Traffic Survival School (TSS)?
TSS is required by MVD and must be attended within 60 days of the “Date Action Begins” found on the MVD Corrective Action Letter you received or your license will be suspended. Traffic Survival School is an 8 hour class and will not dismiss your citation, But is often a requirement to reinstate your driver’s license. This class CANNOT be taken online. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the eight hour class.

Is Traffic Survival School the same as Defensive Driving School?
No. Defensive Driving is for individuals who received a ticket and wish to avoid the points associated with the violation. Traffic Survival School is for individuals who have already been assessed points and received a letter from MVD mandating a TSS class. If you are looking to dismiss your ticket and avoid points, click on the defensive driving tab and follow the directions.

What if I have a court order requiring I attend a traffic survival school?
Remember, if you are looking to dismiss your ticket and avoid points, click on the defensive driving tab and follow the directions. If you have already been to Court and your court paperwork specifically states in the decision (signed by the Judge) that you are required to attend a "traffic survival school" then this is the class for you. Complete the registration process and bring with you to class a full copy of the court paperwork, photo ID, and payment.

There are several circumstances that will cause an MVD order:


DUI - Extreme DUI

Red light violation - IF you have a red light violation of 28-645A3A and you pay the fine instead of attending a defensive driving class, you will be ordered by the MVD to attend a Traffic Survival School. Keep in mind that by attending Traffic Survival School the points will not be removed from your driving record.

Aggressive Driving - First offense you will be required to attend a Traffic Survival School course and your license may be suspended for 30 days.

8-12 points on license within 1 year of first offense

An accident that involves a death or serious injury

First conviction for a driver who has a Graduated Driver's (Class G) License

Received a ticket out of state and that state requires Traffic Survival School

Wrong-Way Driving – For violations on or after August 3, 2018

DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs - For violations on or after August 3, 2018

What if I lost my letter?
After February 10, 2013, the instructor can print out the letter in the classroom. The fee for this service is $10.00.

Will there be a lunch break?
You will receive a lunch break and are welcome to go to a local restaurant to get something to eat or you are welcome to bring food and drink to class.